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Going to  
Foreign languages
Created by teacherru… on 10 May 19
76% of success on 3 players

Small trip in the French language  
Foreign languages
Created by Loltina on 6 May 19
An easy quiz that will focus on French grammar.
80% of success on 5 players

Funny quiz about gambling  
General Know
Created by subSherlo… on 10 May 19
Interesting quiz about all the gambling industries. It will help you to protect from mistakes
43% of success on 2 players

Type of rocks - True or false  
Created by HOTDOGGO on 24 May 19
0% of success on 0 players

Cells Test  
Created by Nausea on 10 May 19
You know, the test ya'll 5th graders need to learn.
81% of success on 8 players