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Personnality Tests

 61 Personnality Tests quizzes  
What animal are you?  
Created by juliettem…, modified on 8 Oct 16
Find what animal you are.
1489 players

Which Great Beast are you?  
Created by Applejack… on 14 Dec 18
Dear Spirit Animals fan, do you want to know which Great Beast you are?
1627 players

What is your Miraculous?  
Created by Applejack… on 21 Sep 19
You always wondered which Miraculous Master Fu would help you save the city. Take this test to find out!
1673 players

Jewelpet Twinkle Test  
Created by Akari.Sak…, modified on 23 Sep 17
Thank you for choosing to take this test! This is a personality test dedicated to the fans of the anime "Jewelpet Twinkle" and it…
682 players

What Undertale character are you?  
Created by donaldtru… on 6 May 18
Do you wish you can be Frisk, or Chara, maybe Sans? OK, you get it. Well find out who you are.
1220 players

Which Bratayley member are you?  
Created by quizgirl11 on 2 Mar 18
Ever wondered who from Bratayley you are most like? You are about to find out.
1359 players

Spirit animal test  
Created by puppy2212 on 9 Sep 16
Awesome test to see your inner animal
711 players

Lady Jewelpet Test  
Created by Akari.Sak… on 24 Sep 17
Thank you for choosing to take this test! This is a personality test dedicated to the fans of the anime "Lady Jewelpet" and it will…
435 players

Which would be your powers in fiction based in…  
Created by lunevol on 16 Dec 16
Discover your inner hero by taking this test, and know how your knowledge and dexterity in some subject could be useful to save…
339 players

Are you brave enough?  
Created by SkipBayle… on 7 Oct 16
393 players

Are you fit to be a leader? (Warrior Cats)  
Created by SkyCatz on 14 Mar 19
I've always wanted to be a leader, and if you clicked on this quiz, you probably want to be one too. Let's see if you are actually…
227 players

Which Hogwarts house are you really in?  
Created by jaeir on 5 Apr 18
Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin? Take this quiz to find out which Hogwarts house you really belong to. The mystery…
221 players

Who are your demon parents?  
Created by sassyjess on 3 Dec 17
328 players

Which demon are you most like?  
Created by sassyjess, modified on 30 Jan 18
Every demon is completely different... Which demon are you?
290 players

Are you a Grinch or Christmas fanatic?  
Created by doggolove, modified on 25 Dec 20
Find out if you hate Christmas and you're a Grinch or do you absolutely love Christmas.
6 players