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  • How to start creating my quiz ?
  • How to create picture quizzes ?
  • How to activate my quiz ?
  • How to manage my quizzes ?
  • How rating works ? What is the popularity level

  • How to start creating my quiz?

  • To create your quiz and save your results, you must register for free on, validate your registration by mail, then go back to log in.
    Then you will access to pages for creating and managing quiz.

    Once connected, click "Create a new quiz ". Fill in the form of creation (Fields with a red star are required):

    - The name of your quiz will appear on top, on your website and

    - Your quiz type : if you want to use pictures to ask questions, select Type: Picture, or leave on Text. (see The picture quizzes).

    - The description is used as an introduction text of the quiz on your site and

    - The category is used to classify your quiz in the quizzes directory.

    - Define the number of questions of your quiz.

    - Define the number of answers for each question.

    - Define the development state of your quiz.

    You can find detailed explanations about each field by rolling over the question mark.
    Then you can edit these information by clicking "Edit Settings".

  • Picture quizzes

  • To create a picture quiz, select the Type: Picture, when you start creating your quiz, or by changing the settings.
    Then you will find under each questions a button 'Find' that lets you choose on your disk the picture to be added beside the question.
    The images are resized on the quizzes, but can be enlarged by clicking on it.

  • How to activate my quiz ?

  • When you create your quiz, it is by default in "Status : Draft".

    Once reviewed, go back to "Edit Settings" to change it to "Status : finalized".
    The quiz is then accessible to everybody.

    Once finalized, the quiz will be visited by a corrector who will add it or not after selection to the quizzes directory.
    If you quiz has not been accepted, it will already be accessible on the net at[numéro].html

  • How to manage my quizzes ?

  • Once connected, click "Manage your quizzes" in the menu on the left. You can access the list of your quizzes.
    By clicking on the name of the quiz, you can access directly to the questionnaire, then you can change it.
    You will also find the status of the quiz, the last modified date, and some actions.
    Actions :

    "Edit Settings" to change the information given when the quiz was created.

    "Modify the quiz" to correct or add questions and answers.

    "See the code to be added to my website or my blog" to integrate the quiz to your site design.

    "Play this quiz" allows you to try your quiz in "Finalized offline" status.

    "See statistics" to get detailed statistics about each quiz

    "Remove this quiz" to completely delete it.
  • How rating works ? What is the Popularity level

  • Members can rate quizes on 3 criteras :
    - answers are correct,
    - syntax and spelling,
    - interest and originality

    Members's Quizz rank modify the weight of rates. The rate of a high quiz rank member will have more weight than a low quiz rank member.

    The average rate is mixed with a lot of parameters (received rates, nb of times played, challenged, printed, ...) to generate the Popularity level. This data is used to order quizzes on

    Of course, a member is not able to rate its own quizzes.