Quizzes correction on Quiz.biz

  • How the quizzes are corrected ?
  • The trust status
  • The premium status
  • Some writing tips

  • The quiz created on Quiz.biz are corrected.

  • There are two types of correction :

  • - Quizzes contents must respect the laws and Quiz.biz conditions of use.
    Any user writing defamatory shocking, insulting, xenophobic, pornographic... content in his quizzes will have his account disabled.

    - To keep good level of quality in the site, quick made quizzes (filled with spelling mistakes, SMS, not interesting ...), are not in the lists of quizzes proposed on Quiz.biz (see tips below).
    Quizzes could be seen at the http address.
    You can find your quiz status in the lists on the page 'manage it', on the left of the title.

    The quiz can be reviewed after the author modifies it.

    By default, the quizzes will not appear in the lists just after creation. Quizzes are visible at the http address, and can be installed on a site or a blog once activated.

  • Trust status
  • If you create quality quizzes, you will have a trust status. It implies that your quizzes are enabled quickly.

  • Premium status

  • There is a premium status for quality quizzes authors in order to promote them.

    This status is granted to the authors who propose several quizzes requiring no correction (see tips below).

    The first advantage of this status is to see their quizzes published in the directory as soon as they change the quiz status to 'finalized online'.

    They can also correct and validate the waiting quizzes, and participate to the Top corrector list.

    Their quizzes are also more often in the 'quiz of the day'.

  • Writing tips (to be sure your quiz will be in the directory) :

  • - Choose an appropriate title and description, and the category closest to your quiz theme.

    - Do not use capital letters everywhere and too much SMS abbreviations and smilies.

    - Read again several times what you wrote

    - Use a correct punctuation, without abusing (no !!!!!! or ????). A space after the comma and full stop, before a parenthesis, after exclamation mark and question mark...

    - Do not write a last question that has no relation to the quiz subject, which is supposed to make people laugh. Nobody cares...