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Personnality Tests (2)

 56 Personnality Tests quizzes  
Which house is right for you ?  
Created by Tiphanie1… on 1st May 20
According to your personality, which house is right for you? If you are strong, smart, sly, loyal, learn what is your house in Hogwarts…
16 players

What Starter Pokemon should you have?  
Created by wolflover… on 30 Oct 16
This is my first quiz, so enjoy ! It should give you a rough idea of what Starter Pokemon you should have.
176 players

Which Liza Koshy character are you?  
Created by 342410198 on 7 Apr 18
Are you Helga, Jet, Carlos, Young Liza or Future Liza? Find out in this free, amazing quiz!
179 players

What kind of girl are you ?  
Created by MorningSt…, modified on 7 May 20
You do not know what kind of girl you are ? You want to know ? This quiz is just for you !
30 players

1984 quiz  
Created by 1984quiz on 10 May 19
Take this 10-question quiz to find out which 1984 character you are.
44 players

Which character from Birds of Prey are you?  
Created by miselu on 30 Apr 20
4 players

What's your favorite assassin's Creed?  
Created by Youre on 19 May 20
Tell me what is the greatest ac
20 players

Which Mario character are you?  
Created by AMcCarthy… on 6 Jul 19
Who would you be?
79 players

Which family guy character are you ?  
Created by Pizzaroll… on 27 Jan 20
27 players

Do teenagers read anymore?  
Created by Rania53 on 17 Jan 17
For teenagers aged 13-17
95 players

It's lunchtime at Jerry's!  
Created by Alecb on 7 Dec 17
Do you have what it takes to help Rose fulfill her sandwich orders and summon the demon Beelzebub at the same time?
10 players

Which 'Descendants' character are you?  
Created by aneka4556 on 8 Sep 17
106 players

Wreck-It Ralph  
Created by enesguzel on 21 May 17
47 players

Stuck in a rut?  
Created by itsklove on 14 Feb 19
How to know when you are stuck and not making progress in one direction or the other.
60 players

Which type of human are you?  
Created by shivjal on 27 Sep 18
Teach with Adnan and Shivjal YouTube
59 players