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Lady Jewelpet Test

Lady Jewelpet Test  

created by Akari.Sak… on 24 Sep 17, enabled by MWAPOLENI
13 questions - 450 players
Thank you for choosing to take this test! This is a personality test dedicated to the fans of the anime "Lady Jewelpet" and it will help you to find out which girl is more similar to you and what kind of lady you might become. Every lady has unique qualities and is able to shine in a different field from other girls, what will be the one most suitable for you? Let's find out!
How would you describe yourself choosing one of these adjectives?
What would you choose to do in your free time?
What kind of lady would you like to become?
With which prince would you like to clear the Jewel Palace tasks?
What precious stone would you like to wear?
What color would you choose for an evening dress?
What kind of task would be harder to clear for you?
Which task would be easier to clear?
How would you spend a romantic night?
If you had to choose one of these jobs, what would it be?
What would you never forget to take with you when traveling?
If you have to prepare the lunchbox for someone, what kind of lunch would you make?
What do you think is the most precious thing in a relationship between two people?

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30 September 17

30 September 17