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Personnality Tests (3)

 65 Personnality Tests quizzes  
Which element do you control ?  
Created by flamme1230, modified on 11 Feb 21
Between fire, water, air and earth, which one would you have ?
20 players

Which 'Descendants' character are you?  
Created by aneka4556 on 8 Sep 17
121 players

What should be your name?  
Created by puppycorn on 11 Feb 18
Maybe you dislike your name, so choose another one...
117 players

Your species in Star Wars  
Created by malekh, modified on 3 Mar 21
Check out my account to finish your character.
6 players

Wreck-It Ralph  
Created by enesguzel on 21 May 17
52 players

Which character from Birds of Prey are you?  
Created by miselu on 30 Apr 20
10 players

What's your favorite assassin's Creed?  
Created by Youre on 19 May 20
Tell me what is the greatest ac
40 players

What anime character are you?  
Created by puppycorn on 12 Feb 18
Have fun!
86 players

Which Disney star could be your BFF?  
Created by DoveCamer… on 5 Apr 18
Which Disney star could be your BFF? Demi Lovato or Dove Cameron?
87 players

Which type of human are you?  
Created by shivjal on 27 Sep 18
Teach with Adnan and Shivjal YouTube
74 players

Which mythical creature are you?  
Created by KPUnicorn on 27 Apr 19
Which mythical creature best matches your personality? Find out in this quiz.
48 players

If you were a demon, where would you live?  
Created by Starlight… on 3 Oct 17
What if you were one of them? Where would you hide?
72 players

Which lightsaber do you wield?  
Created by yeet, modified on 26 Aug 18
Black (darksaber), blue, light blue, green, yellow-green, purple, red (darksiders only), white, yellow
67 players

What wolf would you be? (Characters belong to me)  
Created by Twotails on 7 Jun 19
Ever wonder if you were a wolf : would you be a beta, an aphid, a healer, a loner? Tap on this quiz to find out!
42 players

How much of a Braveheart are you?  
Created by dlpfan77 on 16 May 17
This personnality test will show you how brave you are
63 players