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Quiz of the day : Desperate Housewives ( season 4 )

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  • This 6 December, we invite you to play Desperate Housewives ( season 4 ) Quiz.

    Desperate Housewives ( season 4 )  

    created by JOB02 on 25 Apr 09
    Medium level (67% of success)    6 questions - 80 players
    Test your knowledge!
    How to appoint the new Desperate Housewives who have already lived in Wisteria Lane a few years ago ?
    How Susan and Mike decide to call their child ?
    Mike how he learns that Orson was the one who spilled ?
    What his the secret of the new Desperate Housewives ?
    What is the desperate housewives losing her husband during the tornado that devastated Wisteria Lane ?
    Who were witnesses when the new Desperate Housewives killed her ex-husband ?
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