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Maths Quiz Part 1  

created by KyleSpend… on 13 Mar 16, enabled by xav38
Medium level (78% of success)    7 questions - 45 players
The first part of my Maths Quiz!
Be correct if you can,
Five times five holds the clue!
Number 6 contains the clue, but be careful... you don't want to lose!
Triangle + square = 7
Square + hexagon = 10
Triangle + pentagon = ?
What's the missing number?
Count in threes is what you do, but is 16 a danger to you?
True or false?
When you double an odd number, the answer is always an even number.
What is the answer to this magic number square?
What is the answer to this magic number square?
Well done!
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It's cool... but may need improvement.

18 March 16

13 March 16