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Solar Property Quiz

Solar Property Quiz  

created by toricola on 4 Feb 15, enabled by Lou
Very hard level (39% of success)    10 questions - 180 players
Test your knowledge of the Sun and its properties with this Quiz!
How many Earth days is one rotation of the Sun's equator?
How many solid surfaces does the Sun have?
How many years does it take for light to pass through the Radiative Zone?
Why is the third to last innermost layer of the Sun called the 'Convection Zone'?
When looking directly at the Sun (Warning : Never actually look directly at the Sun), which layer of the Sun's atmosphere are you seeing?
The Chromosphere is mostly made up of ONE color of visible light that can be seen during a total solar eclipse. Which color is it?
How many layers make up the Sun's atmosphere?
What is the name of the process that takes place in the Sun's core?
Sunspots usually form (in) _____.
What shape do prominences take on?
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