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Can you guess a Polish city just by its street layout?

Can you guess a Polish city just by its street layout?  

created by szyymek on 20 Jan 15, enabled by Lou
Medium level (63% of success)    10 questions - 2 871 players
So the rules are simple. You get a street layout and you need to guess which Polish city it depicts.
This one is really simple. If you don't recognize this layout, you shall not call yourself a patriot. Which city is it then?
The first one was easy, so now it's time for something more difficult. Which Polish city has this almost Haussmann's Paris-like layout in its center?
Time to move to the other side of the country. This city's street layout is heavily influenced by its topography. What is it?
This big city's almost-grid layout resembles American cities a bit. What's the name of this city?
Probably the only hard one in this quiz. This medieval city is the only city in Poland classified as world technopolis, thanks to its strong IT industry. Which city is it?
An easy one again : despite being very important to the conservatives, this city residents tend to vote for the Left. What is it?
Known for its excellent road infrastructure, this city is spending billions of PLN on renovating its center. Which city is that?
Well, that's too easy probably. A major port - what would that be?
This city, planned by the Nazis, was developed by the Communists as the perfect new city. Which city is that?
Citizens of this very important to Polish history city are considered to be stingy. What city would that be?
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