The Ratchetness Quiz

The Ratchetness Quiz  

created by… on 18 May 14, enabled by Lou
Very hard level (27% of success)    10 questions - 154 players
This quiz will test a basic level of ratchetness.

If you receive 1-3 corrects. You are in a safe level of NON-RATCHETNESS.

If you receive 4-6 corrects, watch out because you're walking a thin line of RATCHETNESS.

6 or more corrects. I'm so sorry, but you are REALLY RATCHET! Please go have a seat somewhere!

What is Ratchet or Ratchetness?

An annoying , very rude person. Normally
behaves in a ghetto manner in public, on social media and in school. Most people think of "Rachet" girls or boys as trashy. In other words a "Ratchet" person has little to no class, has the worst grammar, a poor choice of clothing style and low cash flow.

This test is for fun and not a medical diagnosis or Ratchetness.
When In a group of friends. You tend to.....
When shopping, you tend to pick out clothing that... .
A girl that you don't like for making advance at your man walks by. You...
You find out you're pregnant. The first thing you do is... .
You're on Facebook and your friend shares a picture of a girl you don't like who posted a selfie in duckface. You... .
You're at the grocery store and your ex-boyfriend Rayquan, whom you broke up with a month ago, walks in with his new girlfriend. You... .
You've been invited to the club but you need to get an outfit. You go with...
It's your birthday. You want to celebrate but you're pregnant. How do you celebrate?
You lose your job because you were late one to many times. You... .
You're naming a baby, which of the following names appeal more.

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