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Health, Safety and Environmental Quiz April 2013

Health, Safety and Environmental Quiz April 2013  

created by ianb3619 on 17 Apr 13
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Health, Safety and Environmental Quiz April 2013
Which recognised Health & Safety standard is our company H&S system certified to?
Why is it important that we manage the Environmental side of the business?
At the recent OHSAS18001 audit we received a minor non-conformance regarding a number of unlabelled containers of various liquids seen around Production and Design. Why was this raised as a concern?
If you have a suggestion to improve the Environmental side of our business, what should you do?
Which of these is your main responsibility if you are receiving a visitor to our site?
Who has recently joined John McNeil as a nominated First Aid representative for the ground floor?
Whose responsibility is it to keep our workplace tidy and safe? This includes desks and surrounding areas, meeting rooms, canteen, bathroom... .
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