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Global geography  

created by susanchen on 7 Apr 14
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It contains all the different zones
in the earth
The higher you go up in the mountains, the colder it gets. What causes the low temperature?
On the earth, what are the percentages of land and of ocean?
There are many steep mountains in the southwest of China, what can explain that fact?
There is a continent on earth that contains the largest desert, the longest river, . In the south there is an ex-British colony, in the center forest, and finally the continent looks like a reversed sock.
Europe is a continent where the distribution of population is very average. What explains this?
The countries in North America speak mostly English, while most countries in South America speak Spanish or Portuguese, what is the cause of this difference?
There are two opposite poles on earth, there are the North Pole and South Pole. The North Pole is made of frozen sea, while the South Pole is a continent. Almost no one can live there. Why is that?
The largest continent on earth contains many steep mountains in the center, many islands in the southeast and glacial lands in the north; what continent is this?
The deepest ocean on earth contains many isolate islands, submarine volcanoes, rifts, and one of the deepest oceanic tranches in the world, Mariana Trench. What is this ocean?
In Australia, most of the local people live in Sydney and nearby, however in the center and the other place, there are few people. Why?
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