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created by behemoth2… on 10 Mar 14, enabled by Lou
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Test how much you know about what is actually known scientifically about evolution. 45% of Americans still reject the theory - and for good reason!
The theory of evolution was invented by
The original theory of evolution was based on a concept known as
The following percent of educated Americans reject the theory of evolution :
Dinosaurs living at the same time as human beings until the present or near-present appears to be a likely explanation for
Until the late 1890's, before the theory of evolution, all schools, public and private, in America, Europe and elsewhere taught that all live on earth
Charles Darwin, when he described his theory of evolution,
Thomas Huxley, Darwin's most loyal defender of the theory of evolution
The most statistically likely cause of the extinction of the dinosaurs by 3-to-1 is
Radio carbon dating, used to date fossils, cannot date a fossil sample older than
Darwin believed
The fossil record
Darwin lost his faith in God. But the following scientist(s) were firm believers in God's creation as being the work of God :
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