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Christmas Elf, Safety and Environment Quiz 2013

Christmas Elf, Safety and Environment Quiz 2013  

created by ianb3619 on 20 Dec 13
Medium level (64% of success)    7 questions - 74 players
Christmas Health, Safety and Environment Quiz 2013
You have opened your Secret Santa present and have cardboard and plastic packaging to dispose of. Which of the canteen bins should you place this waste in?
Which of the following are genuine entries onto the HSE "12 Myths of Christmas", which reports examples of Health & Safety wrongly being blamed as a reason for an activity not going ahead?
When Santa arrives to deliver presents at Analox this christmas, what should we ensure he does?
It's the last day at work before Christmas and you've finished for 2013. What should you do before leaving the building?
Which of the following festive meats has the LOWEST "farm to plate" Carbon footprint? (this calculates the footprint of the farming, processing and transport involved in getting the food on to shelves)
Which of the following is the correct gas to inflate balloons for your Christmas party?
Who is responsible for Health & Safety and the Environment this Christmas?
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