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Grade 4 - Continents  

created by KaitlynMa… on 4 Nov 13
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Intro quiz
This is the second smallest continent but is home to the world's largest country; Russia, and the world's smallest country; Vatican plus 48 other countries!
This is the largest country in both land mass and population with more than 3. 2 billion people living there. The highest place in the whole world can be found here. It's Mt. Everest at 8849 meters above sea level!
This continent is the third largest with only 40 countries. However the third largest river in the world, the Mississippi, and the largest fresh water lake in the world (Lake Superior) make it very memorable!
If you visit this continent it is a good idea to learn Spanish! All of its 14 countries speak Spanish, except for Brazil which speaks Portuguese. This country is famous for amazing landmarks like the highest waterfall in the world (Santudel Angel), the longest mountain rage (the Andes) and the highest elevation (Lake Titicaca).
This is the second largest continents with 54 countries and home to 4/5 of the fastest animals in the world including the lion, cheetah, wildebeest and gazelle. It also has the River Nile which is the longest river in the world. A lot of children don't attend school on this continent.
This continent is is the windiest, coldest place on earth and is 98% covered in ice. It has a population of zero, only visitors ever come to see it.
This continent is the smallest and stands together as one country. I contains 6 states and 2 territories and English is the main language spoken. It has a population of 18. 3 million people, which is equivalent to the population of New York State and its native people are called Aborigines.
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