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USA : The 50 states (4)

USA : The 50 states (4)  

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Let's see if you know the US states !
We start with a world-renowned state. The film Scarface, which is a remake, takes place in Miami. Tramar Lacel Dillard, a rapper, is known for having the same name of this state.
The French-Canadian explorer Solomon Juneau helped to established the City of Milwaukee. What is this state ?
You can find the world's largest aquarium in Atlanta. But you can also visit the birthplace of The Coca-Cola Company. It is :
Clark Kent (or Superman) was adopted in the idyllic town of Smallville. What is the name of the Sunflower State ?
The former Weston State Hospital is purported haunted by its visitors. According to them, spirits of patients who died there are now ghosts in this creepy place. This is located in :
In this Midwestern state, you can marvel at a breathtaking place : Scotts Bluff National Monument.
I am a very small state (ranked 48th in the U. S. ) and my capital is Hartford. Who am I ?
What is the 2nd least populous state of the USA ?
In this state, you can find the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art at Bentonville. This state is :
This is the smallest state of the USA but this is also the second most densely populated.
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