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USA : The 50 states (3)

USA : The 50 states (3)  

created by T4XI on 8 Aug 13
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Let's see if you know the US states !
The Rio Grande represents the natural border between the state and Mexico. It is the second-largest (larger than France) and second most populous state of the USA.
Salt Lake City hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics. What is this state ?
This state is located in the New England in the East Coast. Moreover, the film Jumanji (with Robin Williams) was filmed in 1995 in this small state.
The most populated city is Portland but the capital of the state is Salem. It is the 33rd state of the country.
You can take a picture of Cullasaja Falls in this state. "Tar Heel" is the state's nickname.
With 699, 628 inhabitants in 2013, this state is ranked 48th in the U. S.
It is the "Land of 10, 000 Lakes". You can visit Minneapolis or the capital, Saint Paul. What is this state ?
Denver is the Last Dinosaur... but also the capital of this state. A popular river has the same name of the state and is the main river of the southwestern United States.
Baltimore is the largest city of this state. You can find the National Aquarium which is the top tourist destination of the state.
In 1679, this state was discovered by the French explorer René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle. Indianapolis is the capital (very easy to know now).
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Assez facile, il suffisait de regarder la photo.

16 August 13
'est justement fait exprès ;)
16 August 13
C' *

16 August 13