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USA : The 50 states (2)

USA : The 50 states (2)  

created by T4XI on 7 Aug 13
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Let's see if you know the US states !
Let's start with the easiest state to know. The Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building are the two symbols of the most populous city in America, which is also the name of the state.
Stephenie Meyer 's novel Twilight takes place in Forks. Do you know the state ?
You can notice a white palmetto tree on an indigo field in the flag of this state.
During the Prohibition era, Al Capone was an important gangster in Chicago. Springfield is the capital of this state :
You can gambling in Las Vegas if you want, but you can also discover a beautiful sunset in the Mojave Desert. It is :
This state is a tax haven which attracts thousands corporations. It is also the first state of the USA.
Big Sky Country, The Treasure State are my nicknames. The International Boundary is the border which cross the state and separate the US to Canada.
How can I speak about this state without mention the Grand Canyon ? This astonish landscape brings several millions of tourists each year.
The capital of this state is Columbus but others cities like Cleveland or Cincinnati have influential economic role. This state is :
The famous Native Pocahontas was born in this area in 1595. The state's motto is "Sic Semper Tyrannis". It is :
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8 August 13