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QCM Wild wild West

QCM Wild wild West QCM

created by laurana3 on 12 Feb 13, enabled by Lou
Very hard level (24% of success)    7 questions - 103 players
Do you know Sacagawea? Do you know Jefferson's mission? Do this quiz!

Quizz QCM : one or more possible correct answers
What does represent the logo in the middle of Colorado's license plate?
What does the date 1803 correspond to?
What was Lewis's job?
What was Sawagawea's asset?
What did Sacagawea save during a storm?
Give me synonyms of humid :
What is the adjectif for the French word  scientifique ?
What is the adjectif for the French word "scientifique"?
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I precise I did this quiz for a work at school, so if it's not original or very short, it's normal

8 February 13