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Chapter 5 from the book  

created by tomowsiak on 30 Mar 12
Hard level (57% of success)    9 questions - 31 players
Creating sas data from raw files and excel work sheets
Which statement associates fileref crime with the raw file c : \states\data\crime?
Filerefs remain in effect until
Which specifies that the products file should be read and only the first 15 obs?
Which code snipper would correctly write the id, sex, age, height, weight, pulse fields to a raw file from sas?
For a file to be read using column input, must the fields be aligned vertically?
3427 chen steve raleigh 1436 davis lee atlanta imagine the fields above are aligned vertically . . which should be used to read them so they look like ID LastName FirstName City
Say we're given : stock number starts at 1 ends at 3 type character finish starts at 5 ends at 9 type character stylecode starts at 11 ends at 12 type numeric how should this be read?
Which statement redefines the value of income as 100% higher?
Imagine you're given in stream data. . must there be a datalines statement?
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