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Creating list reports  

created by tomowsiak on 30 Mar 12
Medium level (45% of success)    8 questions - 7 players
Chapter 4 from the book
If I want to assign a label to 3 fields, (on, changed, flight ), print a date, and print records only where flight number is 219, which is correct?
If labels are NOT stored with the data, which can be used to make the field names prettier?
Which selects ONLY those that have style equal to ranch, split or twostory?
Which would output a new, temp file called calc?
If you want to create a table, summing the instructors, aerobicclass, walkjogrun, and swim fields, which is correct?
If you run this, what happens? proc sort data=clinic. diabetes; run; proc print data=clinic. diabetes; var age height weight pulse; where sex="F";run;
Proc sort is used to sort by months amount. . then proc print is used as : proc print data=work. loans noobs; var months; sum amount payment; run; which pops out as the output? (dollar formats on fields)
Which is correct to choose an amount less than or equal to 5000 AND the account is 101-1092 or the rate is 0. 095?
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