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Producing descriptive stats  

created by tomowsiak on 30 Mar 12, enabled by jimmy
Hard level (41% of success)    10 questions - 54 players
Chapter 9 from the book
The default stats for proc means are variable count, mean, min, max and
Which statement limits proc means to the variables boarded, transfer, deplane
Which is a poor candidate for proc means analysis?
What's true regarding by group processing?
When you run proc sort, you automatically creaet a new file
If I want to run proc means and group by survive and sex, which statement is this?
By deafult, proc freq creates a table of frequencies for which kind of variable
Freq. distributions work best with?
If I want to create a two way table, using proc freq, of weight by height, which one would I use?
If i want to suppress printing frequencies, row percents, column percents, in proc freq, which can be used? (output is a two way table of weight by height)
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