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Hawaiian Trivia  

created by kinyohga on 15 Feb 12, enabled by jimmy
Hard level (57% of success)    10 questions - 1 408 players
Answer the following questions about Hawaii. Enjoy the book fair.
How many letters are in the Hawaiian alphabet?
Hawaii became a state on August 21, 1959, which makes it which state to have joined the United States?
The wettest place on earth can be found in Hawaii where the average annual rainfall is 460 inches. Name this exact place.
How many islands make up the state of Hawaii?
What is the Hawaiian for for 'thanks'?
St. Damien was a Catholic priest who took care of people with leprosy on which Hawaiian island?
Name the official state flower of Hawaii.
Hawaii is the only state to have had which form of government prior to acheiving statehood?
Pear Harbor, a U. S. naval base located in Hawaii, was attacked on December 7, 1947 which resulted in the United States entering which war?
What is the state nickname for Hawaii?
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