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The 1960s Civil Rights Movement  

created by Jamcastle on 6 Aug 11, enabled by sixteam
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This is a quiz on information gleaned from an online lesson on civil rights in America in the 1960s
The American Civil Rights movement, from the passage of a constitutional amendment granting African Americans citizenship to the passage of the civil rights acts of the 1960s, lasted approximately how
The amendment to the constitution granting citizenship to African Americans in America was
The amendment to the U. S. Constitution granting African Americans the right to vote was
The group formed in 1960 to provide young blacks with a place in the civil rights movement was
One tactic used by black students to force integration of facilities such as lunch counters, swimming pools, and theaters was
The nationally recognized leader of the nonviolent civil rights movement in America was
A civil rights leader who advocated violence be met with violence in order to achieve equality was
The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was championed and signed by which president?
The group of students who travelled through the South to test laws that prohibited segregation were known as
Pictures of an event, interviews with eyewitnesses, and video or audio of an event are what kind of sources to history?
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