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The Titanic Sinks  

created by tawnya on 9 Mar 08
Hard level (55% of success)    7 questions - 339 players
After reading the book entitled, The Titanic Sinks, please complete the following questions.
Which small ocean liner did the Titanic almost collide with upon leaving Southhampton, England?
As the Titanic set sail, what was Bruce Ismay most concerned about ....
How did Jack Phillips, wireless operator, respond to Californian's warning about dangerous ice?
What was the worse news for the Captain to face?
What was the new distress signal that Harold Bride and Jack Phillips joked about being able to use?
Why did most of the people not want to get on the first of the lifeboats launched?
Which ship came to the Titanic's rescue, although a few hours too late for many of the passengers?
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24 July 17
Did you know?

When the Titanic sunk it lead to the

Federal Reserve.

Do you believe me?

23 June 13