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Physics (Projectile)  

created by Pristie on 19 Apr 11, enabled by jimmy
Hard level (49% of success)    7 questions - 343 players
Physics problems about projectiles. It requires a lot of calculations. You'll have to use formulas, and also picture diagrams based on each questions.
You accidentally throw your car keys horizontally at 8. 0 m/s from a cliff 64m high. How far from the base of the cliff should you look for the keys?
A dart player throws a dart horizontally at 12. 4 m/s. The dart hits the board 0. 32m below the height from which it was thrown. How far away is the player from the board?
You took a running leap off a high-diving platform. You were running at 2. 8 m/s and hit water 2. 6s later. How high was the platform?
From question 3, how far from the edge of the platform did you hit the water?
An arrow is shot at 30. 0° above the horizontal. Its velocity is 49 m/s, and it hits the target. What is the maximum height the arrow will attain?
From question 5, the target is at the height from which the arrow was shot. How far away is it?
The toy car runs off the edge of a table that is 1. 225-m high. The car lands 0. 400m from the base of the table. How long did it take the car to fall?
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