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Muscular System  

created by angelaxio… on 11 Apr 11, enabled by jimmy
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Part 2
When a muscle contracts & the end of the muscle do not move or the body part of that the muscle affects does not move, the contraction is considered an _____ contraction.
When the distance between the ends of a contracting muscle decrease, the isotonic contraction is said to be _____.
When you do a push-up, . what muscle action occurs?
When an isolated and specific action occurs, the muscle responsible for that action is called the _____.
When a prime mover contracts, there is a muscle that causes the opposite action. It is called the _____.
Muscles that assist the prime mover are called _____.
What is the primary function of the biceps?
A _____ is a sudden involuntary contraction of a muscle or a group of muscles.
Muscle _____ is/are the most common injury to muscle.
The majority of muscle strains (80%) occur to the muscle _____ or at the junction between the muscle and the tendon.
Muscle ____ is an enlargement of the breadth of a muscle as a result of repeated forceful muscle activity.
Muscle spasms are considered _____ when they are sustained over a period of time.
Massage directly on the site of a(n) _____ cramp or charley horse is contraindicated.
_____ are shortened, contracted muscles are muscle groups where the muscle atrophies and shrinks while the connective tissue thickens.
If a muscle cannot be contracted or is only contracted very weakly, the muscle tissue will rapidly degenerate and begin to waste away. This is called muscle ____.
_____ is a chronic inflammatory disease of the connective tissue that may affect many body tissues and organs.
_____ is characterized by pain, fatigue, and stiffness in the connective tissue of the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.
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