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D block elements  

created by andrewt13 on 31 May 19, enabled by MWAPOLENI
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What is also called lunar caustic?
Iron III has a reduction potential with reference to hydrogen.
Ferrous compounds are found to be less stable than ferric compounds. Which can be attributed for the same?
Mac Arthur Forrest process involves gold and silver. The complex formed has a coordination number :
Cupric iodide...
Cuprous fluoride...
Which of the following can oxidize manganous salts to permanganic acid in acidic medium?
Brown ring complex consists of iron and (NO) ligand in oxidation states :
A salt was air oxidized in alkaline medium. The salt previously was derived from the titration of potassium permanganate and oxalic acid. The salt initially was in the oxidation state of 2 (the metal). Finally, the produced salt in alkaline medium gives a color.
Ziegler-Natta Catalyst's active component consists of titanium bonded to X chlorine atoms where X is :
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