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How much do you know about Mount Everest?

How much do you know about Mount Everest?  

created by Elisa216 on 22 Sep 18, enabled by MWAPOLENI
Hard level (45% of success)    10 questions - 11 players
Try and see how big is your knowledge about the highest mountain on Earth.
What's the height of Mount Everest?
What are the names of the first climbers who reached the summit of Mount Everest?
How many bodies are there approximately on Mount Everest?
Which of the following did the Government of Nepal decide to ban in order to decrease fatalities?
Do more deaths occur on the way down from the summit or on the way up?
The Nepalese call Mount Everest Sagarmatha. What does it mean?
Natives of Tibet call Mount Everest Chomolungma. What does it mean?
How many of the successful summits ends in death?
When was Mount Everest formed?
How old was the youngest and the oldest person to ascend Mount Everest?
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