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Flags of the world (10)

Flags of the world (10)  

created by MWAPOLENI on 14 Jan 18
Medium level (33% of success)    9 questions - 3 players
South America
What is common to the flag of Chile and the flag of Suriname?
What is common to the flag of Uruguay and the flag of Argentina?
Do you know the Brazilian flag?
So choose the correct answer.
Which colors can you find on the Colombian, the Ecuadorian and the Venezuelan flags?
What is visible on the Venezuelan flag and NOT on the Colombian flag?
The yellow stripe on the Colombian and the Ecuadorian flags is different from the one on the Venezuelan flag. Choose the correct answer.
On the flag of Guyana, there are 2 triangles on the hoist side.
What's the color of the first one?
Which animal appears on the centre of the Bolivian flag (coat of arms)?
The flag of Paraguay shares the same 3 colors as this European country :
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