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Flags of the world (9)

Flags of the world (9)  

created by MWAPOLENI on 14 Jan 18
Medium level (70% of success)    8 questions - 5 players
The African flags. True or false?
On the flag of Angola, you can notice a yellow star, a half gear wheel and an AK-47.
The emblem of Ethiopia is right in the middle of the national flag.
It's a black sun on a red shield.
In the centre of the Tunisian flag, there's a white sun disc containing a red crescent and a red star.
The flag of Mauritania shows a black crescent and a white star.
The star on the flag of Senegal is green.
The symbol that appears in the centre of the flag of Lesotho is a hat.
The Liberian flag consists of eleven red and white horizontal stripes and, on the upper hoist side, a white star on a blue field.
The 10 yellow stars on the national flag of Cape Verde represent the main islands of the nation.
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