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Social study 11-16-17  

created by mbwilliams on 15 Dec 17, enabled by MWAPOLENI
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Southern planters, sharecropping, slavery was
abolished, Cotton became unpopular, 1880 and 1890s.
Why did many southern planters enter sharecropping relationships with freedmen?
These are notes taken by a student in class.
What would be the best title for these notes?
Why were Northerners who moved to the South during Reconstruction called "Carpetbaggers"?
Why did the price of cotton drop during the 1800s and 1890s?
Why did many northern businessmen support the sharecropping in the South?
This is a quote from the United States Constitution. On what group of Americans did this quote have the greatest impact ?
How did the development of the sharecropping system impact southern culture?
Why did many towns in the western territories see large population spikes followed by rapid declines?
Across which continent travels the Transcontinental Railroad?
Why was it difficult for most Native Americans to farm on reservation?
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