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Space quiz

Space quiz  

created by deep33 on 6 Jan 17, enabled by MWAPOLENI
Very hard level (38% of success)    9 questions - 118 players
First of all, thanks for visiting our quiz.
This is a quiz about space that could be thoroughly helpful to you.
Can you name a planet with a diamond core?
Name the no. of main space agencies.
Name the recent communication satellite series launched by ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation).
What is the percentage of part of space discovered?
Gravity on Jupiter is :
Name the country that has topped the list of remote sensing satellites.
When did the gold star collision occur?
Name the planet twice the size of Earth and 17 times the weight of Earth.
Name the alcoholic comet.
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Good quiz...
Excellence is overload ed. But still add mire questions and get it graphicaly better

4 February 17

2 February 17
Very difficult, no pictures

13 January 17