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How Well Do You Really Know The Vampire Diaries?

How Well Do You Really Know The Vampire Diaries?  

created by sara.deet… on 1st Mar 17
Medium level (40% of success)    10 questions - 6 players
Meet cute! In the TV series, Stefan and Elena adorably bump into each other outside the boys' bathroom. What actually happened?
Caroline's character is DRAMATICALLY different in the books. How?
In the books, Katherine isn't Bulgarian--she's :
The TV adaptation completely eliminates one of Elena's best friends, who is named :
In the TV series, vampires have many cool powers. But in the books, they even more. What is one that they left out of the television adaptation?
Just like in the TV series, Elena loves both Damon and Stefan in the books. But there is one big difference in their love triangle :
Everybody loves Bonnie! But in the books, her character is actually quite different...
Oops! In the TV series, they created many characters who never even existed in the books--even some of the main characters. Which of the following main characters fits that description?
Bonnie and Damon's epic friendship is one of the best parts of the TV series. How does their relationship play out in the books?
Finale time! Every Vampire Diaries fan out there is eagerly awaiting the series finale, when Elena will finally awaken and reunite with all her friends and loved ones. But how did the series originally end?
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