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How much do you know about veganism ?  

created by Jade170 on 9 Dec 15, enabled by Eye
Hard level (45% of success)    9 questions - 31 players
Can you match the fact with the figure ?
How many humans have been killed in all the wars throughout history ?
What's the number of animals killed for meat in one year in the UK ?
How many humans have existed throughout history ?
How many fish are killed for food each year ?
What is the number of people starving in the world ?
How many people could we feed with the food we currently grow for people and livestock ?
How many male calves are shot every year in the UK as a by-product of the dairy industry ?
What percentage of the Amazon rainforest is destroyed for meat ?
By what percentage can you cut down the risk of getting cancer, degenerative illnesses or cardiovascular diseases by adopting a vegan diet ?
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