RM or BS?  

created by RMAudit on 2 Oct 15
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Can you tell which whacky ideas are the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo's and which are B.S.'s?
Buy hovercrafts to take people to and from site :
Grow vegetables off of toilet water at the landfill in a taxpayer funded greenhouse and then sell the vegetables at the Urban Market :
Flood Franklin Avenue in the winter so people can skate to work :
Consider budgeting $406 Million over 40 years to subsidize a long term care facility at Willow Square for our region's seniors :
Consider budgeting $406 Million over 40 years to subsidize an arena downtown blocks from a similar venue for a sports team that doesn't exist :
Build a giant fish tank to grow shrimp off of toilet water :
Spend over $1 Million on a box-like scaffold that spits out water :
Pay for a security guard 24/7 to prevent people from climbing the box-like scaffold that spits water :
Hire a Toronto firm to build a giant blow-dryer to keep ice off the windows of city hall :
Help out the condominium owners of Penhorwood by expropriating the land at their mortgage value and building a much needed commercial centre for citizens to enjoy :

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