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Modal Verbs

Modal Verbs  

created by skypeless… on 9 Jul 15
Medium level (79% of success)    7 questions - 609 players
A quiz to test knowledge of modal verbs in English.
It's Sunday and so I ____ go to work
I have ____ juggle since I was a boy
I have ____ juggle since I was a boy
You ____ eat too many sweet things. It's bad for your health
What does he do?
I'm not sure; he ____ be an architect, or he ____ be a banker
Oh no! We're going to be late; we ____ one hour earlier.
At the weekend I ____ my essay. I managed to get it done, and so I handed it in on Monday morning
A) They say that he went abroad
B) What? He _____ abroad, because I saw him at the cinema yesterday
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