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SSA Hotchner from Criminal Minds

SSA Hotchner from Criminal Minds  

created by Ninarya on 1st Jun 15
Medium level (74% of success)    15 questions - 117 players
How well do you know the agent Hotchner from Criminal Minds?
In the very first episode, which name comes to Hotch's mind when Haley suggests him Charles as first name for their son?
Who is held as hostage with Hotch, in a hospital, in the episode L.D.S.K?
Which name appears on the Garcia's phone screen when Hotch calls her?
In the episode The Tribe, which name of super hero does Blackwolf give Hotch?
According to himself, what's his worst quality?
In season 2, who is hired by Strauss to help her to transfer Hotch?
After 10 years of retirement, David Rossi is back to the BAU, but how long haven't they seen each other?
After the bomb attack which he has been subjected to at the end of the 3rd season, what is the risk for Hotch if he doesn't follow the advice of his doctor?
Counter to Hotch, who made a deal with the Boston reaper?
This picture is extracted from episode 100, what happens in this episode?
What question does Hotch ask Reid when he arrives with a new haircut?
In the 6th season, to protect Emily, Hotch decides to pretend she's dead. Only one person in the team knows that Prentiss is still alive, who is it?
How did he meet Beth?
In the 10th season, on Halloween, who helps Hotch to find a Darth Vador costume for Jack?
In the episode Mr Scratch, season 10, we discover the Hotch's biggest fear, what is it?
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