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Monster High & Ever After High Collectors

Monster High & Ever After High Collectors  

created by MHEAHC on 5 Apr 15, enabled by Lou
Very hard level (37% of success)    10 questions - 80 players
1000 member contest
Who Created Monster High? When (month/year) was it launched?
Who sings the Ever After High Theme Song "However you go Ever in Ever After High"? When was the full song released (month/year)?
What is the name of the first Monster High webisode?
Who was named the Queen of Ever After High Thronecoming?
Monster High Sweet Screams line is an exclusive for what store in the US? How many dolls of this line have been released?
What is the name of the actress that gives her voice to "Madeline Hatter"?
In what year was the Monster High movie "Escape from Skull Shores" released?
Which Ever After High doll/character has a scissors shaped ring?
What color are Picture Day Frankie's shoes?
What is Bunny Blanc's least favorite school subject?
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