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Pop quiz on behaviourism
What theorist became famous for his behaviorism on dogs?
Behaviourism is measured on external behaviour, as opposed to internal like thinking and emotion.
A pupil is late for class four days in a row, the teacher says he will be in detention after school for every day he has been late. Which Conditioning is this?
If a teacher is consistent and repetitive with stimuli, eventually the students will come to learn to behave properly through classical conditioning?
Pavlov found that for associations to be made, two stimuli had to be presented close together in time. He called this.....
Which of the following is part of the definition of learning?
The class all recieved a chocolate bar for getting over 70% in the pop quiz this is which conditioning?
The teacher rings a bell when she wants the class to stop talking. This is operant conditioning.
Behaviour is a learned response reinforced by the consequences resulting from that behaviour. According to who?
A primary school teacher uses a snakes and ladder reward chart you go up the ladder if you are well behaved and down the snake if your are badly behaved . Which reinforcement is it?

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