How well do YOU know stampylonghead?

How well do YOU know stampylonghead?  

created by withergirl on 6 Jan 15
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In this quiz you will have to answer 10 questions to see how well you know Stampylonghead, a famous gaming youtuber with 7 million subscribers!
What is Stampy's real name?
What is Stampy's skin in Minecraft?
On what days does Stampy upload his lovely world videos?
Which of these games does Stampy play? (this is not the only game he does and he could have played this game a while ago too).
What is Stampy's favourite food in Minecraft? (or so he says)
Which of these things Stampy is famously bad at in Minecraft?(yet again this is what he says he is bad at).
Who does (or did) Stampy do sky den with?
Which of these is NOT a game in Stampy's funland?
When was Stampy born?
Who is said to be Stampy's main enemy?
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