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Animals Quiz  

created by AaronAb on 6 Jan 15
Hard level (43% of success)    7 questions - 39 players
This quiz will be pretty simple but it will require a bit of guessing and scientific knowledge.
The scientific name "Crotalus Atrox" is the name of one of these three North American Rattlesnakes : The Western Diamondback, Mojave, and Timber Rattlesnake. Which one is it?
One of these three dogs listed below is NOT a type of retriever. Which one is it?
The Peregrine Falcon is a the fastest bird in the world at a diving speed of up to 321.869 kph (200 mph). One of these birds listed below is related to it, which one?
One of these Cobras listed below is NOT part of the "True Cobra" family or "Naja genes." Which one is it?
This question is the easiest. Which of these species has the scientific name of "Homo sapiens sapiens"?
Out of the few venomous snakes of Europe, which of these is one of them?
What is the biological difference between Poison and Venom?
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