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When The Cars Were The Stars

When The Cars Were The Stars  

created by PictureMan on 23 Dec 14, enabled by Lou
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In the 1960's and 1970's the vehicles that the stars drove were as famous as the humans.
Name the television shows with which these cars are associated.
Which television detective drove this golden Firebird?
Which trio of investigators solved crimes on a weekly basis while driving this woody?
These two crime fighting guys operated on the Continent, what was their collective name?
Technically not investigators, which iconic team drove Valerie to catch The Last Train To Clarkesville in this stylish cruiser?
Who were the two trendy undercover cops that skidded about in this speedy sportster?
Which stylish detective thrummed through the busy streets in this canary coloured convertible?
Which undercover anti-hero drove this during his crime-fighting efforts?
In which television show was the car not only the star but was also more intelligent than it's driver?
This beautiful lady drove this sleek speedster, on which British series did she display her curves and drive on soft shoulders?
Technically not a detective as such, still, a consummate investigator who courted crimes to a judicious solution, who was it?
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