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3 - Manga

3 - Manga  

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Gon Freecss has twelve years, and dreams of becoming a hunter. The hunters are elite adventurers who may be bounty hunters, chefs cook, archaeologists, zoologists, vigilantes or consultants in various fields. His father, Jin Freecss is considered one of the greatest hunters of its time. It is also to locate Gon wants to become a hunter.
They find themselves in the same cell, in the house of correction Shio. Quickly, friendships develop between them, they will become united and face the harsh conditions of life in prison. Ishihara, a vicious guard and Dr. Sasaki, trying by all means to eliminate Anchan to prevent it from outside reveals a tragedy that occurred in the prison. Ten days before the release Anchan, six boys will help her escape from this hell.
The series tells the story of Tsunayoshi Sawada (Tsuna said and nicknamed "Tsunaze" or Dame Tsuna in Japanese), a young Japanese college student whom life has not been a gift. Last in all areas, including charisma, unlucky, it has nothing to please and he knows it. However, his sad life is turned upside in the incredible the day a little boy named Reborn will destroy his daily routine to make him the next sponsor of the Vongola family (a large family of the Italian Mafia).
In the near future, technological developments have created skates containing a powerful engine, called AT (Air Treck) with which it is possible to perform tricks and jumps almost defying the laws of gravity. The fans of the sport gather in groups (gangs).
Lucile is a girl who lives with her father, Mr. Duronchon a widower since the birth of her daughter and holding an okonomiyaki restaurant. He is very protective vis-à-vis her and can not stand to see her talking to boys, nor she came home late. Lucile goes to school at night while helping his father in the restaurant at the beginning of the series she is in love with Tristan, the composer of the rock band the Bee Hive.
Moritaka Mashiro is in the third year of college and is very good at drawing, it is also the nephew of a manga that had its heyday before it would be successful and die in indifference public. Mashiro is in love with a girl from his class, Miho Azuki, but does not dare to confess his feelings. Akito Takagi, the head of the class, offers Mashiro to join him so that they realize a manga.
In Japan hit by the economic crisis and shaken by political scandals where nobody wants to get their hands dirty for the greater good, a hero rises to rid the world of evil. But this hero disturbing mask with strange powers and employs methods for less brutal.
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