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EWL'14 Moment of Truth!

EWL'14 Moment of Truth! QCM

created by wictny on 9 Sep 14, enabled by Lou
Hard level (51% of success)    15 questions - 21 players
Are YOU disruption ready?

Quizz QCM : one or more possible correct answers
What is an MCN? (pick one)
Which ONE of these disruptions to the TV advertising model have been litigated and found to pass legal muster?
How does Netflix's cost to build its content offering compare to that of networks? (pick one)
Which of these YouTube projects now has a home on linear/on-air television? (select all that apply)
Which of these device introductions became or will become available to consumers this year? (select all that apply)
Which ONE of these is the new frontier with respect to content format standards?
What is "synchronous content"? (pick one)
In the context of television content consumption, what does ACR stand for? (pick one)
Which ONE of these is key to the incremental monetization of on-demand TV content available via set top box?
Which ONE of these is considered a threat to Nielsen's dominion over TV ratings?
What major hurdles continue to prevent TVEverywhere from being traditional media's "beachhead" against the onslaught of online digital video? (select all that apply)
Which of these recent cable experience innovations is NOT unique to Comcast? (check all that apply)
Which of these companies has introduced an over-the-top device challenger to the set top box? (check all that apply)
Which ONE of these programming genres is most disrupted by digital/ emerging technology?
True or False : HBO's CEO has been quoted as indicating that HBO would soon feature non-HBO content on HBOGo.

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