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Are you a fan of Bad Girls Club? Do you think you know everything about Bad Girls Club? Well then, take this quiz which will… more
From Season 6, which BAD GIRL hit another roommate with a lamp during a physical altercation?
During All Star Battle season ONE, Natalie helped Judi up the stairs whilst Judi was intoxicated and was holding a bottle of alcohol in her hand. What was the name of the alcohol Judi was holding?
Which BAD GIRL dated the rapper Young Lace (aka "Scott")?
During SEASON 7, Tiara's aunt had told her that she tried to call Tiara numerous times, but the phone was always in use by Cheyenne and she had not bothered to tell Tiara about the calls. Once Tiara addressed the issue to Shelly and Cheyenne, she had thrown an object before walking up the stairs. What was that object?
Which BAD GIRL said this : "all the other girls can suck my v*****."
Natalie, Camilla, Mehgan and Erika had all done a spin-off in the TOP 10 OMG MOMENTS for the seasons from 5 to 10. There had been one more bad girl who was supposed to appear on the spin-off, but had gotten cut. Who was the bad girl who was cut from the spin-off?
During SEASON 5, one of the bad girls had gotten their drinks spiked, which led to physical altercation between her and a roommate. Which bad girl had their drink spiked?
Which BAD GIRL has a tattoo of a cupcake on her arm?
Which BAD GIRL said this : "I hate girls with blonde hair and fake tits, like I will vomit on them."
Which TWO BAD GIRLS made an appearance on Season 11?
In the SEASON 8 trailer, Gabi was seen crying, but this was NOT shown on any of the episodes. What was the reason behind Gabi's tears?
Out of all the seasons, which cast had the opportunity to go to LAKE HAVASU?
During episode 13 of SEASON 9; Erika, Christina, Mehgan and Andrea was brought back for a photoshoot episode. Mehgan came ready to fight and the FIRST thing she said TO the girls after the photoshoot was...
During the first episode of ALL STAR BATTLE SEASON 2, all sixteen girls were seen in an introduction - EXCEPT for two girls. Who were they?
Which BAD GIRL said this : "It's real Gucci. I don't fuck with fake sh**, that's just not me."
Erica from SEASON 8 released a single and this single was shown during an episode, what was the name of Erica's song?
Which bad girl brought MAPLE SYRUP to their reunion?
Judi Jai from SEASON 7 revealed FOUR ITEMS that were in her purse that she carried to the reunion. There was a cap, vodka, a flashlight and...
Before Rocky had fought Alicia the next morning after being jumped by her, Rocky threw an object into Alicia's room to wake her up and eventually fought her. What was the object that Rocky threw into Alicia's room?
Aside from Camilla's family, Camilla brought over a friend from Vegas, which had braces. What was the name of Camilla's friend from Vegas which is seen in SEASON 8?
Who had the "Chicago Wild Card" bad girl nickname?
Which BAD GIRL said this : "I don't think apologizing makes you weak. I think apologizing makes you stronger."
Which bad girl was the FIRST bad girl to join the show from HARLEM, NY?
At the SEASON 8 REUNION, Danni and Gabi had read Elease a note saying : "Elease, since you can't think of anything to say, we wrote you a script. P.S...", what came after 'P.S.'?
During Cheyenne's entrance (EPISODE 9), Nastasia threw Tasha's rubbish into her room as she had left it in the hallway for two days. Once Tasha had addressed the issue of the trash in her room, Nastasia retaliated by throwing a drink at her. What was the color of the drink that was thrown?
During the SEASON 4 REUNION, Natalie was arguing with somebody who she claimed to have "a video of you [the girl] fisting yourself", who was this girl she was arguing with?
Which BAD GIRL said this : "If you have to shout that you're real every five minutes, obviously you're not that real."
Jada from SEASON 12 said that she 'was a fugitive for ___ years', how many years was it?
What is the full and Nigerian name of Valentina from SEASON 10?
Which BAD GIRL said this : "Know your confidence, know your worth, know what you have and no bi*** can ever take that from you."

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