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Guess The Comic Book Character

Guess The Comic Book Character  

created by DDZEN14 on 4 Aug 14, enabled by Lou
Medium level (78% of success)    10 questions - 278 players
Do you know your comic book characters?

if so this is the quiz for you.

lets see how many characters you can guess
Who Is This Tough Guy Bub?
Is Your Spidey Sense Tingling? She Has A Web Of Knowledge.
This Guy Will Just Get Straight To The Point!
The Merc With The Mouth Is Just Dying To Kill Yo......I Mean Meet You!
The Merc's Best Friend........Hail Hy...........Never Mind.
Take Her Down Like She's A.......
Hero TV Service For All The Family
She's Just Another Experiment, But She Like Wolverine, Went Successfully.
This Man Likes To Kill On Special Days Of The Year.
Another Friend Of Deadpool, The Dude Shares His Name With A Wild Sneaky Animal, You May Be Referred To One If You Rat Out Somebody.
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