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Try to guess which television show goes with what information
Which Disney show came out in 2010 staring the stars Bella Thorne and Zendaya Coleman?
What show is based on to twins who are total opposites? (aired in 2013)
In the show Wizards of Waverly place that aired from 2007-2012 what were the three wizards names?
In the TV series "Suit life on Deck" Cody ended up being with who?
How many siblings are there in the Rooney family in Liv and Maddie?
Who is the actress that plays Ally Dawson is the show Austin and Ally?
Debby Ryan has both stared in which two Disney shows?
Who stars as Mindy in I Didn't do it?
In the old Disney TV show Hannah Montana who played Hannah Montana/Miley Stewart?
Final Question : Who is the old Disney star who now has a hit album called "Stars Dance" and her hit was Come and Get it?
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